About This Site

It seems like aeons ago that I set up this site, but it was really only 2002. I dubbed it an “egosite” and gently mocked the whole concept of putting up a site about one’s self.

Well, in internet time, 2002 was a long time ago.

As a professional developer with a big chunk of experience in the web side of things a personal web site is, from a practical standpoint, required. If you’re going to assess how well I can do the job I claim to do, this is where you look. That’s therefore a primary purpose of this site. To that end, I’ll pass along that a lot of what makes this site distinctive (design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and custom server-side Python components) are all things that I made. I also used quite a few off-the-shelf components, not because I couldn’t build them myself, but because these days I don’t have to. If you want to know more about how this site was built, I’ve got more.

Also, as a professional developer, sometimes when I have non-work computer problems, the solution is best addressed through code. Code needs a place to be distributed. There are plenty of places to do that besides a personal site, but for little projects that are just “for fun” a web site under my administrative control is a fairly sensible choice, so that code is here.

Of course, one of the reasons I’m a professional developer is that I am (and have long been) a technology enthusiast. Up until a few years ago things looked fairly dreary in the tech world; the PC industry was mature, and fewer players seemed to be exerting more and more control over technology. But the appearance of the iPhone has triggered a surge of interest in mobile computing, and while it’s certainly chaotic, it’s also pretty exciting. I have the itch to write about these things… and that itch is typically scratched by having a personal blog. And while it could be hosted on any number of established blogging platforms, it’s instead here at a domain under my control (still a reasonable alternative).

Although this is a blog—a personal blog, even—there are some things I’m not really going to talk about much. I have great respect for people who choose to be incredibly open about their families and their personal struggles. But this isn’t going to be that kind of blog. I actually have one of those, and it’s private, for just my family and my friends. This blog is for me as a professional, so you’re not going to see me talk about my wife or my children except in the most generic terms. That’s just a personal choice I’ve made out of consideration for their privacy.

Photo Credits: crayon art: Julianna Jones, Damien Jones