A Résumé


Web sites: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python and others; 14 years
Applications: C, C++, and assembly for various platforms; 7 years
Linux Administration: Red Hat and Debian; 9 years
Unity3D: iOS, Android, C#; 1 year
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Experience (highlights)

  • March 2015 – Present: Lead Software Architect for Crystal Clear Digital Marketing in Orlando, FL.

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  • January 2014 – January 2015: Platform Architect/Lead Developer1 for Caxiam in Orlando, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Switched all development from ColdFusion to Python, including retraining, mentoring, and hands-on site building.
    • Switched servers from dedicated hardware to cloud virtual hosting (AWS).
    • Built new ERP access APIs to bridge Python and Java code.
    • Reworked Solr indexing to dramatically improve the quality of search results.
    • Supported legacy ColdFusion applications for clients not ready to transition to the new platform.
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  • September 2012 – May 2014: Cloud Platform Architect for Innovative Leisure in Pasadena, CA. Accomplishments:

    • Built a web service platform using Python amd Django to provide a cross-platform account management and gameplay API and user portal.
    • Deployed the service to Amazon Web Services and scaled it up to support 100,000 simultaneous users.
    • Built the client side of the API using Unity 3D and C# and integrated it directly into Draconus Rex.
    • Built two Unity plugins in Objective C to provide access to iOS functions not exposed by Unity.
    • Wrote Android-specific code to access system APIs not directly integrated into Unity.
    • Integrated our existing account management with Facebook.
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  • October 2008 – August 2012: Lead Developer/Architect for 360Ed in Orlando, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Used Python amd Django to build a learning management system to support the award-winning educational video games Conspiracy Code: American History and Conspiracy Code: Mindbender.
    • Integrated the LMS with external student management systems for Florida and New York City.
    • Rebuilt the LMS to add social and gaming features and to support imported textbooks from McGraw-Hill.
    • Deployed and managed dedicated hardware to operate these web services.
    • Migrated from dedicated hardware to Amazon’s cloud services.
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  • May 2006 – September 2008: Senior Developer/Architect for The Business Space in Maitland/Winter Park, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Built a web application framework to be used for multiple projects, providing common features of layered security, data validation, archival data storage, audit trails, velocity constraints, code re-use, templating, automated form layout, and multi-language support.
    • Helped select technology for integration with company projects.
    • Integrated external systems for credit card processing, email, and domain registration.
    • Built the Business Space’s primary web applications providing customer management, document storage and sharing, web mail, online billing and payment processing, and web site content management.
    • Wrote customized image processing software for generating site graphics with user-selected colors and imagery.
    • Deployed and managed dedicated hardware to operate these web services.
  • December 2005 – April 2006: Developer for Quest Technology Group in Orlando, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Developed new security policies and implemented them.
    • Designed and built web sites for customers who wanted a fresh look or enhanced functionality.
    • Provided assistance with Linux server administration.
  • October 2004 – August 2005: Senior/Lead Developer, Web Development for WildCard Systems in Maitland, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Rapidly developed web sites for multiple clients to meet aggressive deadlines.
    • Trained other developers on writing reusable, secure code.
    • Interface directly with clients to help them understand WildCard’s products and services from a technical perspective.
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  • December 2003 – August 2004: Live Server Engineer at Electronic Arts Tiburon in Maitland, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Built customized game lobby servers in C++ for console games, through which players challenge each other to games. These servers also track player statistics throughout their online experience.
    • Developed new ranking formula for online play, using extensive analysis of current online player population.
    • Was responsible for ensuring game servers were operational, and troubleshooting and repairing server processes in case of failure.
    • Worked on server components for NCAA® Football 2005, Madden NFL 2005, NASCAR® 2005: Chase for the Cup, NHL® 2005, and other titles for Playstation® 2 and Xbox® consoles.
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  • January 2000 – November 2003: Senior/Lead Developer, Web Development for WildCard Systems in Maitland, FL. Accomplishments:

    • Built stored-value card web sites to allow cardholders to review their balance and transaction history, transfer money to and from their cards, and purchase new cards.
    • Audited code to pre-emptively find security problems.
    • Developed underlying web site engine to allow rapid deployment of similar web sites, with content management, revision control, access restrictions, and flexible configurations.
    • Directed other programmers in development of client web sites.
    • Analyzed access patterns to identify usability issues and bottlenecks in the purchase process.
    • Built tools to help other developers build, test, and deploy web sites.
  • November 1999 – December 1999: Network Administrator/Software Engineer for Advanced Media Group in Orlando, FL. AMG was acquired by WildCard Systems in January 2000 based on the talents of AMG’s employees.

  • October 1997 – October 1999: Network Administrator for Rock River Internet and ICD in Rockford, IL.

  • April 1995 – September 1997: Partner of Temporary Sanity Designs in Stuart, FL, performing custom programming tasks under contract.

Web Site Fun Projects (highlights)

Personal projects, including design, building, & programming:

URLs for more sites can be provided on request. Many work-related sites either require active accounts to log in and look around or have been shut down due to age.


  • Thorough Knowledge: C/C++, Python, Django, PHP; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery; Git, Subversion, Perforce; nginx, Apache, MySQL
  • Decent Familiarity: Unity, C#; Amazon Web Services, Linux (administration), bash, Redis, Solr; Java; Photoshop, Illustrator
  • It’s Been a While:2 x86 assembly, ColdFusion, Perl, Flash/ActionScript
  • Just Getting Started: Android, iOS, Objective C, Blender, Postgres


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1 My actual title was “Chief Technology Officer” but Caxiam is a small company, and CTO for a small company is a completely different thing than CTO for a Fortune 500 company. “Platform Architect/Lead Developer” better describes my role.

2 But it’s like riding a bicycle. You might be wobbly if you haven’t ridden in a while, but you don’t really forget.

Photo Credits: my desk on a typical day: Damien Jones